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This Windows Media Video includes snippets of Cary Trivanovich's high school assembly program and a news interview with him about it.
Running time 7:34

"I have been a principal for 35 years, and that was the best assembly I have ever seen."
John Casato, Principal,
St Anne School (K-8), Laguna Niguel, CA


"Our students were mesmerized. Your articulation of ethics and character in your social message will long resonate with our students."

Janice Earle, Director of Guidance & School Counselor,
Staten Island Academy, NY


"That was the most powerful message I have ever heard.  I have heard a lot of nationally renowned speakers, and that was the best."
Michael J. Wasko, Principal, Memorial Junior School, Whippany, NJ


"Cary Trivanovich's assembly yesterday was amazing!  He was funny and entertaining, but most importantly his message was powerful. Choosing Character Over Bullying is more than a catch phrase, it is a way of life."
Patrice McCallum, Principal, Ridgeview Elementary, Granite Bay, CA


A really, really funny performance,
then turning attention to virtuous character.

Cary's performance is much like a comedian who breaks out into funny pantomimes.  Not just "pantomimes" however—Cary is, as a Hollywood theatre critic once wrote, "a remarkably prodigious talent."  His rapport with school audiences of all levels is unprecedented.  This enables Cary to give his message afterward with total respect from his audiences, and affect hearts about character.

Cary's message is given after his performance.  It gives an eye-opening, well-rounded look at bullying, and motivation to students to think about the well-being of others.

The message exposes the self-centered mindset of bullying, the insensitivity of "cyber-bullying," advice to victims of bullying, the importance of reporting and intervening bullying behavior, and positive inspiration about peer leadership.

"That was THE best anti bullying assembly I have ever seen.  I have seen at least 20 assembly programs on bullying and that was absolutely the best."
Steve Kessler, Principal,
Horace Mann School (K-8), Beverly Hills, CA


Anti-Bullying Community Forum

Cary Trivanovich offers an anti-bullying forum for your community.  It will involve ways to stop bullying, questions and answers, and even a fun performance, which parents will appreciate after hearing about it from their kids!


via CoolAssemblies.com


Cary Trivanovich travels (from California) throughout the United States every few weeks, making him accessible and affordable.

Prices for assemblies vary depending on location and area tours, and include all travel expenses.


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